Zion-power and War: From Iraq to Iran - James Petras
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The Deadly Embrace
Zion-power and War: From Iraq to Iran
by James Petras / November 6th, 2007

Explanations for the US attack on Iraq range from military-political
pretexts to accounts focusing on geopolitical and economic interests.
The original official explanation was the now discredited claim that Saddam
Hussein possessed chemical, biological and other weapons of mass
destructions (WMD), which threatened the US, Israel and the Middle East.
Subsequent to the US military occupation, when no WMD were discovered,
Washington justified the invasion and occupation by citing the removal of a
dictator and the establishment of a prosperous democracy in the Arab world.
The imposition of a colonial puppet regime, propped up by an imperial
occupation force of over 200,000 troops and irregular death squads, which
have killed close to a million Iraqi civilians, forced over 4 million into
exile and impoverished over 95% of the population, puts the lie to that line
of argument. The latest line of justification revolves around the notion
that the US occupation is necessary to 'prevent a civil war'. Most Iraqis
and military experts think the presence of the US colonial occupation army
is the cause of violent conflict, particularly the US military's devastating
attacks on civilians, their financing of rival tribal leaders and Kurdish
mercenaries and their contracting of local police-military to repress the
population. Since most Americans (not to speak of the rest of the world) are
not convinced by these specious arguments, the Washington regime
rationalizes its continued war and occupation by citing the need for a
colonial military victory to maintain its world and regional status as a
super-power, and to assure its Middle East client regimes that Washington
can defend their ruling cliques and their hegemonic ally, Israel. The Bush
White House and pro-Israel Congressional leaders claim a victory in Iraq
will bolster Washington's image as a successful global 'anti-terrorist'
(anti-insurgent) regime. These post-facto justifications have lost
credibility as the war drags on, popular resistance grows in Iraq,
Afghanistan, Palestine, Lebanon, Somalia, Thailand, Philippines, Pakistan
and elsewhere. The longer the war continues, the greater the economic cost
and the demoralization and depletion of military personnel, the more
difficult the task of sustaining the capacity to intervene in defense of the

If the official political and military justifications for the US colonial
wars in Iraq and Afghanistan ring hollow and convince few, what of the other
economic explanations for the war put forth mostly but not exclusively by
critics of the Bush administration?

The major focus of the economic determinists of the war centers on the issue
of oil, as in 'war for oil'.* These explanations in turn break down into
several variants: The first and most popular is that the big US oil
companies were behind the war, that Bush and Cheney were pressured by their
Big Oil handlers into launching the war so that US oil companies could seize
the nationally-owned Iraqi oil fields and refineries. A second, slightly
modified, version argued that the White House was not pressured by Big Oil
but acted on their behalf as a reflex action. (This is put forth to explain
why the spokesmen for Big Oil multinationals were so conspicuously absent
from the media and halls of Congress in the lead-up to the war.) (* see
recent statements in September and October by former Federal Reserve
Chairman, Alan Greenspan and US General John Abazaid among others)

A third version argued that the US went to war to secure oil for US national
security interests threatened by Saddam Hussein. This explanation cites the
danger of Saddam Hussein closing down the Strait of Hormuz, invading the
Gulf States, inciting revolts in Saudi Arabia and/or reducing the flow of
Middle East oil to the US and its allies. In other words, the 'geopolitics'
of the Middle East dictated that a non-client regime was a threat to US,
European and Japanese access to oil. This is apparently the latest argument
put forth by Alan Greenspan, a former proponent of the WMD propaganda.

The major advocates of the 'war for oil' (WFO) argument fail several
empirical tests: Namely that the oil companies were not actively supporting
the war via propaganda, congressional lobbying or through any other policy
vehicle. Secondly the proponents of WFO fail to explain the efforts by major
oil companies to develop economic ties with Iraq prior to the invasion and
were in fact, working through clandestine third parties to trade in Iraqi
oil. Thirdly, all the major oil companies operating in the Middle East were
mainly concerned with political stability, the liberalization of the
economic policies of the region and the opening of oil services for foreign
investors. The big oil companies' strategies were to advance their global
interests through the on-going liberalization process in the Middle East and
conquering new markets and oil resources through their formidable market
power - investments and technology. The onset of the US invasion of Iraq was
viewed with anxiety and concern as a military action, which would
destabilize the region, increase hostility to their interests throughout the
Gulf and slow down the liberalization process. Not a single CEO from the
entire petroleum industry viewed the US invasion as a positive 'national
security' measure, because they understood that Saddam Hussein, after over a
decade of economic and military sanctions and frequent bombing of his
military installations and infrastructure throughout the Clinton years, was
not in a position to launch any acts of aggression against Gulf oil
companies or states. Moreover the oil companies had several real prospects
of developing lucrative service and commercial oil contracts with Saddam
Hussein's regime in the lead-up to the war. It was the US government
pressured by the Zionist Power Configuration (ZPC), which pushed legislation
blocking (through sanctions) Big Oil from consummating these economic
agreements with Iraq.

The argument that Big Oil promoted the war for its own benefit fails the
empirical test. A corollary to that is that Big Oil has failed to benefit
from the US occupation because of the heightened conflict, continuous
sabotage, the predictable resistance of the Iraqi oil workers to
privatization and the general insecurity, instability and hostility of the
Iraqi people.

The American Left jumped on Alan Greenspan's declaration that the Iraq war
was about oil, as some kind of confirmation in the absence of any evidence.
Yet everyday that has transpired since the beginning of the war five years
ago, demonstrates that 'Big Oil' not only did not promote the invasion, but
has failed to secure a single oil field, despite the presence of 160,000 US
troops, thirty thousand Pentagon/State Department paid mercenaries and a
corrupt puppet regime. As of September 19, 2007 the Financial Times of
London featured an article on the conspicuous absence of the 'Oil Majors' in
Iraq: "Big Oil Plays a Waiting Game over Iraq's Reserves' (September 19,
2007). Only a few small companies ('oil minnows') have contracts in Northern
Iraq ('Kurdistan'), which has only 3% of Iraq's reserves. 'Big Oil' did not
start the Iraq war, nor has 'Big Oil' benefited from the war. The reason why
'Big Oil' did not support the war is the same reason they haven't invested
after the occupation: "The level of violence is still unacceptably high.if
anything the prospects of agreement appears to be receding as tensions
between parties grow." (ibid) 'Big Oil's' worst nightmares leading up to the
Zionist-influenced war have all been utterly confirmed. Whereas 'Big Oil's'
negotiations and third party deals with pre-war Iraq provided a stable and
consistent flow of oil and revenue, the war has not only reduced these
revenues to zero, but has all but eliminated any new options for the next

Despite the war, liberalization elsewhere in the region has proceeded and US
oil and financial interests have advanced despite the increased obstacles
and hostilities, which have grown out of the US slaughter of Muslims.

Big Oil, Texas billionaires, even big contributors to the Bush family
political campaigns were no match for the ZPC when it came to Middle East
war policy. They lacked the inside and outside power, the disciplined grass
roots organization of Jewish community organizations to overcome the Zionist
warmongering power over Congress, their position in strategic executive
offices and their army of academic scribes from Harvard, Yale and Hopkins
churning out bellicose propaganda in the US media. What is striking about
the position papers and op-ed reprints in the Daily Alert is the total
absence of any deviation from official Israeli pro-war positions: Whether it
is killing children in Jenin, bombing population centers in Lebanon,
shelling Arab families relaxing at the beach in Gaza, the Daily Alert simply
echoes the official Israeli line and blatant lies about human shields,
accidents, gunmen among school children, self-induced atrocities. Never in
the entire period analyzed is there a single critical article questioning
Israel's massive displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians. No
crime against humanity is too great for the Presidents of the Leading
American Jewish Organizations to defend. It is this slavish obedience to the
official Israeli policy that marks out the Zionist Power Configuration as
something much more than just another lobby as its 'left' apologists and
even Walt and Mearsheimer claim. The ZPC is much more sinister both as a
transmission belt for the policies and interests of a colonial power
hell-bent on domination in the Middle East and as the most serious
authoritarian threat to our democratic freedoms: no single individual who
dares criticize can escape the long hand of the pro-Israel authoritarians.
Book sellers are picketed, editors are intimidated, university presses and
distributors are threatened, university presidents are blackmailed, local
and national candidates are browbeaten and smeared, meetings are cancelled
and venues are pressured, faculty are fired or denied promotion,
corporations are blacklisted, union pension funds are raided, theater
performances and concerts are cancelled. And the list of repressive actions
taken by these authoritarian Zionist organizations at the national and local
levels runs on, arousing fear among some, anger among many more and a slowly
burning resentment and growing awareness among the silent majority. The
second geo-political version of 'oil for war' focuses on the national
security issues. After the First Gulf War in 1991 and eleven years of
economic sanctions and military disarmament, Iraq was an impoverished, weak
nation partially dismembered by the US backed Kurdish enclave in the north
and constant US bombing and over flights. Iraq was severely bombed several
times during the Clinton regimes and over 1 million of its citizens,
including an estimated 500,000 children, died prematurely from conditions
related to the US imposed deprivation of food and essential medical and
water treatment supplies.

Before the invasion in 2003, Iraq did not even control its shorelines,
airspace or even a third of its national territory. As the US invasion
demonstrated, Saddam's military lacked the most elementary capacity to mount
any defense in a conventional war, not even a single fighter plane presented
a threat to any offshore US client or to the Strait of Hormuz. The stiff
resistance to the US came later in the form of irregular forces engaged in
guerrilla warfare, not from any organized force established by the Baathist
regime. In other words no matter how far the concept of 'national security'
is stretched to include US military bases, oil installations, client rulers
and transport and shipping lanes in the Middle East, Saddam Hussein was
clearly not a threat. If however the concept of 'national security' is
re-defined to mean the physical elimination of any potential opponent of US
and Israeli domination in the region, then Saddam Hussein could be labeled a
national security threat. But that takes the discussion of the explanation
for the US war against Iraq to another terrain and a discussion of the
political forces who manipulated the phony WMD and 'War for Oil' propaganda
to justify a war for US and Israeli hegemony in the Middle East. Even more
important the disinformation campaign about who was responsible for the US
invasion and occupation of Iraq is highly relevant to the current propaganda
blitz driving us toward a war with Iran.

From the Iraq War Cover-up on to Iran War Propaganda
The pro-Israel power configuration beats the war drums for an assault on
Iran with greater insistency and successfully induces the Democratic
Congress and Presidential hopefuls as well as the Republican White House to
"put the military option on the table." Parallel to overt war propaganda, a
number of liberal critics of the Iraq war have published articles arguing
that Israel "really opposed the Iraq war." Writers as diverse as Gareth
Porter, ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern, Colonel Wilkerson (Colin Powell's
Aide), ultra Zion-Con Michael Ledeen and others claim that Israel opposed
the war because they wanted the US to target Iran. Others argue that Israel
had advised the US that an invasion of Iraq would have dire consequences for
the Middle East, tipping the balance toward Iran and which they now claim to
have predicted. These Israel-exonerators point to other culprits, namely
Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld or the American Neo-Cons (better known as the
Zion-Cons) who, they insist, have acted independently of Israel or ignored
Israeli priorities in the region.

There is an alternative view which argues that Israel promoted the US attack
on Iraq, did all in its power through its US pro-Israel followers to design,
propagandize and plan the war. This alternative view sustains that at no
point did the Zion-Cons act contrary to Israeli state interests. In fact,
Israeli officials worked on a daily basis with its US agents inside the
government, particularly the Pentagon's Office of Special Plans to provide
disinformation to justify the military attack. If, as we will show, Israel
was deeply involved in pushing the US to attack Iraq and is behind the
current disinformation campaign to provoke a US war against Iran, then
anti-war forces and US public opinion must openly confront the 'Israel

We will argue that the exoneration of Israel is mainly an attempt to deflect
US public hostility away from those Israel Firsters who manipulated us into
this costly, bloody unending war. Exoneration of Israeli responsibility for
the US invasion of Iraq allows the Jewish state and its US agents to escape
any blame for the degradation of US forces in Iraq and provides them a
'clean moral slate' for launching a new bloody US attack against Iran.
Rather than seeing Israel as giving us a double dose of an incurable
colonial disease, exoneration allows Israel and its agents to follow the
same Iraq invasion pattern of manipulation and duplicity in leading us to
war with Iran. The White House and Democratic Congress, echoing Israel, are
using inflated threats of nuclear attack, demonizing Iran's leaders,
financing low intensity warfare through the training and funding of violent
Iranian exile-based clients, economic sanctions and 'failed' diplomatic
maneuvers . . . to lead up to a new war. Taking advantage of their liberal
(Zion-lib)-led exoneration for their role in the invasion of Iraq, the
Zionist Power Configuration, through such loyal mouthpieces as Senator
Joseph Lieberman, blame the Iranians for the deaths of US soldiers in Iraq.
It is not the Zionist pro-war officials in and out of the government who
sent young American soldiers to die in Iraq at the behest of the Israeli
state to whom the US public should direct its anger, but rather the Iranians
who are accused of arming and training Iraqi resistance fighters. Leaving
Israel out and bringing Iran into the debacle in Iraq serves the Israeli
purpose of covering their backsides while inciting Americans into a new
military adventure against the much larger and better-armed Iranians.
The exonerators of Israel are not homogeneous in their political background
or goals. Some liberals, fearful of arousing a powerful Zionist backlash,
seek to whitewash Israel's lobby operatives in the US as a way of gaining
sympathy among pro-Israel Congressional Democrats and financial backing from
wealthy Jewish liberals critical of the Iraq war. Democratic Party Chairman
Howard Dean, following the new Israeli script declared during a visit to Tel
Aviv in 2006 that the 'the US invaded the wrong country!'

The price of the 'exonerate Israel' strategy is to overlook the powerful
role that the Israel First lobby is playing in bringing us to a new war with
Iran as part of a sequence of invasions promoted by Israeli strategists.
These clever ploys are backfiring. Playing to the prejudices of the liberal
pro-Israel crowd in the Democratic Party has led to the current absence of
any significant anti-war movement against the Zionist-led propaganda and
war-mongering blitz against Iran.
There is no question that some anti-war Zion-Libs are trying to put some
distance from the Zion-Con/Israeli policymakers who promoted the invasion of
Iraq. But this does not come from any opposition to another new and more
dangerous military commitment. On the contrary, the Zion-Libs criticize the
discredited Bush-Cheney-Iraq policy in favor of a new more aggressive war
policy toward Iran. By exonerating Israel and its transmission belt of
organized local and national Jewish and fundamentalist Christian
organizations, the liberals have not found allies for peace - they have
revived the powerful influence of Israel and its US apparatus which was
being increasingly rejected by the US public and elements in the US
military. By putting the blame for the debacle in Iraq exclusively on
Bush/Cheney and their allies in 'Big Oil' and excluding the role of Israel,
the ZPC and their toadies among the Democrats in Congress, the liberal
exonerators, open the way for a new cycle of war in the Middle East. To
prevent a future Zionist and Israeli-orchestrated US attack against Iran, we
must be perfectly clear about who maneuvered the US into attacking Iraq.

Israel, the ZPC and the Run-up to the Invasion of Iraq
Analytically, the differences between Israeli state policy and the leading
US Zionist organizations are, with very rare exceptions, indistinguishable.
The run-up to the US attack on Iraq is a case in point. From the late 1980's,
through the first Gulf War, the Clinton Administration's sanctions, daily
bombings and territorial separation of northern Iraq, 'Kurdistan', from the
rest of the country, to the 2003 US invasion of Iraq, the Israeli government
pressured US Congress-people and senior policy makers toward bellicose
policies toward Israel's 'enemies'. Israeli state policy urging further US
degradation of Iraq was transmitted through the major Zionist organizations
and key Zionist officials in the Clinton and later Bush administrations.
Dennis Ross, Martin Indyk, Madeleine Albright, Richard Holbrook, Sandy
Berger, William Cohen and others were the most important foreign
policy-makers toward the Middle East in the Clinton Administration and they
produced and implemented the sanctions, bombings and territorial
dismemberment of Iraq. Following their term of office, key Clinton Zionists
went to work at pro-Israeli think tanks in Washington. Following the attacks
of September 11, 2001, the Zion-Cons in top level positions in the Bush
Administration (Ari Fleischer, Paul Wolfowitz, David Frum, Richard Perle,
Douglas Feith, Eliott Abrams, Irving (Scooter) Libby, David Wurmser and
others) and key Zionist Congress-members like Senator Joseph Lieberman,
called for the US to attack Iraq, as part of a series of sequential wars, to
include Syria and Iran. They echoed the policies of the Israeli state and in
particular Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

Israeli state officials, at no point expressed any reservations or
differences with the bellicose efforts of its highly placed liaison agents
in the Bush Government, nor with its servile lobby, AIPAC, nor with the
pro-Israel Op-Ed writers of the major newspapers and broadcast media.
Zionist ideologues prevailed everywhere berating the US military officials
for their timid caution. Israel, consistent with its policies since the late
1980's, encouraged the Bush Administration toward an invasion and occupation
of Iraq in all of its top level meetings with Rumsfelt, Powell, Rice and
Bush. The Israeli media, with rare exceptions, demonized Saddam, played up
his 'threat' to the Middle East and Israel's security, conflated Palestinian
suicide bombings with Iraqi support for the Palestinian people's national
aspirations, and energized their fundamentalist Christian allies in the US
to follow suit in calling for an invasion of Iraq.

An analysis of the relationship between the Israeli state and highly placed
Zionist officials in the Bush Administration reveals first and foremost that
Tel Aviv laid out the strategic policies of eliminating Middle East regimes
opposed to its ethnic cleansing of the occupied territories and unlimited
expansion of colonial settlements in Occupied Palestine and the
consolidation of Israeli hegemony in the Middle East. The Zionist elite in
the Bush regime invented the pretext and the propaganda for war and most
important, successfully designed and operationalized the US invasion of
Iraq. This 'division of labor' included the Zion-Cons in the executive
branch, backed by the Presidents of the Major Jewish American Organizations
(including AIPAC), the regional, state and local Jewish federations through
their influence over Congress.

Testimony by former Pentagon analyst, retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Colonel
Karen Kwiatkowski confirms that throughout the period leading to the Iraq
war, Israeli military officials, intelligence officers and other high
ranking functionaries had daily access with top Zionist Pentagon officials
like Undersecretary of Defense Douglas Feith. Frequent consultation,
intelligence coordination and joint planning between top Zion-Cons in the
Pentagon and top Israeli military operatives in the US indicates that there
was close agreement in directing the US to invade Iraq. There was
Zion-Con/Israeli agreement, confirmed in the immediate aftermath of the
initial 'successful' occupation, that Iraq was the first of a series of
invasions in the Middle East, to be followed by attacks against Iran and
Syria. The Israeli joke current at the time was: 'Anyone can take Baghdad,
real men go for Tehran.' In November 2002, Ariel Sharon, in an interview
with the Times of London, called for the bombing of Iran 'the day after the
US invades Iraq'.

The Zion-Con/Israeli blueprint for sequential wars was explicitly stated in
the policy paper "Project for a New American Century', a kind of
American-Israeli Mein Kampf of US world domination in which Israel would be
a co-benefactor of American military might and treasure. Most of the
Zion-Con designers and executers of US war policy in the Middle East were
listed as authors or sponsors of the 'New American Project'. Many were also
contributors to the policy paper for Likud leader, Benyamin Netanyahu, which
specifically called for the dismemberment of Iraq into manageable ethnic

Israeli intelligence 'disinformation' about Saddam Hussein's 'threat' to the
region was embellished and adapted to the propaganda needs of the White
House. While Israeli propaganda pounded away at 'Saddam Hussein' as the
modern Hitler, Zionist propaganda chief and Bush speechwriter, David Frum,
repeated the same theme in the infamous 'Axis of Evil' speech in which Bush
pronounced before the world his intention to attack other nations
preemptively. Given the Israeli regime's pro-war propaganda it is
understandable that Israeli public opinion was overwhelmingly in favor of
the war as were all the leaders of the major American Jewish organization,
but not the majority of American Jews, especially young Jews and those who
were not members of any of the Zionist (Israel First) front organizations.

Israeli advisers and Zion-Cons in the US government were highly influential
in the dismantling of the entire civilian and military administrative
structures in Iraq - the so-called De-Baathification campaign - in order to
decisively weaken any attempt to reconstruct Iraq as a modern secular
republic opposed to Israeli regional hegemony. The Israeli policy, pursued
by the Zion-Cons, was to fragment the Iraqi state and society into
pre-modern ethno-religious entities run by pro-Israeli Iraqi exiles (like
Ahmed Chalabi who had business ties with Douglas Feith), incapable of ever
challenging Israeli policy in the Middle East.

Israeli Zion-Con policy succeeded in so far as it secured the US destruction
of the Iraqi state; but it failed to secure a rapid victory on the road to
the second phase of invading Iran, because of the massive armed resistance
by the Iraqis. In their blind racism against Arabs, the Israeli officials
and their American agents discounted any possibility of Iraqis mounting a
people's war against the destruction of their society. As the Iraqi
resistance gained momentum and US military and economic losses multiplied,
US public opinion turned against the war and began to ask who was
responsible for the military debacle. In the face of this potentially
dangerous question Zionist propaganda shifted gears in order to cover their
tracks. Top Zionist official who framed the war quickly left the scene,
beginning with the most obvious war perpetrators: Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas
Feith and Shumsky in the Pentagon and David Frum and Ari Fleischer in the
White House. The hardliners with less overt profiles in the State Department
stayed on for a while longer- Elliot Abrams, Scooter Libby, David Wurmser.
Libby later was convicted of a felony for his role in exposing the CIA
operative married to Ambassador Joseph Wilson in retaliation for his
exposing his Zionist cohorts' fabrication of 'intelligence' in the lead up
to the war.

War with Iran: The Highest Priority for the ZPC (and Israel)
Israel's campaign for the destruction of Iran has already led to two acts of
war. In June 2006 Israel assaulted Lebanon, aiming, unsuccessfully, to
destroy the Shiite political-military organization Hezbollah, an ally of
Iran. A little more than a year later (Sept 6, 2007) Israel engaged in an
even more provocative act, an unprovoked bombing mission over Syrian
territory, destroying a military installation. Since Syria and Iran have a
mutual defense pact, the Israeli action was designed to test the willingness
of Iran and Syria to respond to a surprise (sneak) military attack.

The propaganda arm of the Israeli intelligence services prepared a piece of
disinformation comparable to their earlier weapons of mass destruction lie:
They claimed that they bombed a nuclear site which North Korea was
constructing and supplying with nuclear material. Israeli disinformation was
immediately reproduced verbatim in the leading US newspapers, Los Angeles
Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and the New York Times and all
the major television networks. Pro-Israeli propaganda experts justified the
attack and were in turn quoted in the Washington Post (Sept 20, 2007). The
Post quoted Bruce Riedel, formerly an intelligence 'expert' at the
pro-Israel Saban Center for Middle East Policy (housed in the now
discredited Brookings Institute): "There is no question it was a major raid.
It was an extremely important target. It came at a time the Israelis were
very concerned about war with Syria and wanted to dampen down the prospects
of war (sic). The decision was taken despite their concerns it could produce
a war (sic). The decision reflects how important this target was to Israeli
military planners." In other words, Israel is "concerned about war" so it
engages in an unprovoked act of war in which the propagandists don't even
know the nature of the target!

On September 21, 2007, the principle propaganda sheet (Daily Alert) of the
Presidents of the Major American Jewish Organizations (PMAJO) then
reproduced the pro-war propaganda cycled through the Washington Post and
sent it out to all top officials and Congressmen in Washington and across
the country and activated its lobbyists in AIPAC to ensure US support for
the blatant Israeli act of war. True to its deceptive propaganda function,
the Daily Alert published a highly misleading excerpt from an article in the
Financial Times (September 21, 2007 p.4), which combines the Israeli
propaganda line of a 'potential' Syria-North Korea nuclear tie without
including several paragraphs debunking the Israeli-Zionist disinformation
campaign. The Financial Times article quotes Joseph Circcione, Director of
Nuclear Policy at the Center for American Progress: "It is highly unlikely
that the Israeli attack had anything to do with significant Syrian-North
Korean nuclear cooperation. The basic, well-documented fact is that the
40-year-old Syrian nuclear research program is too basic to support any
weapons capability. Universities have larger nuclear facilities than Syria,"
(Financial Times, September 21, 2007, p.4). A former senior Asian adviser to
President Bush and expert on North Korea, now at the Center for Strategic
and International Studies, also debunked the Israeli-Zionist nuclear weapon
ploy: "I would be very, very surprised if the North Koreans were dumb enough
to transfer fissile material to Syria or were trying to do work outside of
North Korea in a place like Syria", (ibid). Equally damaging to the
Israeli-Zionist war propaganda, the Bush Administration never raised North
Korea's supposed involvement with Syria during the entire series of meetings
during 2007, despite the fact that it was greatly hostile to Syria and
looking for any excuse to attack it. In contrast to previous Israeli
provocations in which the Bush Administration rushed to vouch for Israel's
pretexts, Bush declined to comment on the Israeli attacks against Syria,
likely advised by his intelligence chiefs that it was an Israeli act of
provocation hoping to draw in the United States.

The Israeli act of war against Syria and its defense and promotion by the US
Zionist Power Configuration is the latest step in bringing the US into a
joint war against Iran and Syria. A survey of the Daily Alert (the house
organ of the Presidents of the Major American Jewish Organizations) from
January to September 2007 (180 issues) reveals that there is an average of
three articles in each issue calling on the US to engage in acts of war,
impose strict economic sanctions and a naval blockade and prepare for a
widespread confrontation with Iran. There is not a single voice or article
that questions Israel's pro-war posture. Every issue of the Daily Alert
parrots the Israeli line, even when it involves supporting the brutal
cutting of electricity, gas and drinking water to over a million trapped
civilians in Gaza - a war crime under international law. In the words of the
Daily Alert, Israeli murders of unarmed teenage Palestinian boys and girls
are labeled 'militants' or 'gunmen'. And the Daily Alert describes Israeli
'peace negotiations' as being carried out in 'good faith' - despite
continued land grabs and assassinations of scores of Palestinians, including
young kids. "In the time between George W. Bush, US President announcing the
(Annapolis) peace meeting on July 16, 2007 and October 15, 2007, the Israeli
military had killed 104 Palestinians including 12 children." (Financial
Times, October 18, 2007 p.4)

After the November 2006 Democratic Party Congressional victory thanks to the
increasingly angry anti-Iraq war voters, Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Levi
attended the AIPAC meeting in Washington to urge the thousands of Zionist
activists and a large contingent of US Democratic and Republican congressmen
to continue to support the Bush Administration's occupation of Iraq and
incited them toward another war against Iran. In a highly charged screed,
she ejaculated on the non-existent "existential threat" of Iranian nuclear
capability. The entire Jewish Lobby picked up the line and went into action.

The scope, depth and centralized structure of the Zionist Power
Configuration far exceed anything, which can be properly conceived of as a
'lobby'. In that sense Mearsheimer and Walt in the study of the Israel Lobby
underestimate the power and political influence of the pro-Israeli forces.
Secondly the measure of the ZPC power must take account of several factors.
These include its direct and indirect power. ZPC power is exercised directly
on political, academic and cultural decision makers to make sure their
policies back pro-Israel, pro-Zionist interests. An even more direct
expression of power is when Zionists occupy top decision-making positions
and make policies on behalf of Israeli military and economic interests.
Elliot Abrams, President Bush's key Middle East advisor on the National
Security Council is one of many examples as is the Director of Homeland
Security, Michael Chertoff, who allocates over three-quarters of available
funds for the 'security' of private Jewish organizations.

Equally formidable is the ZPC exercise of indirect power through several
One is by parlaying influence over a small group of Congressmen into a large
majority. For example, AIPAC wrote up the bill, presented by Senator
Lieberman and co-signed by Senator Kyl, labeling the Iranian Revolutionary
Guards as 'terrorists', which paves the way for Bush to launch an attack. It
was passed by 80% of Congress.

Cumulative power is the convergence of different sectors of the ZPC on a
single issue. For example, pro-Israel writers and Jewish leaders from all
major organizations and spheres of its media from Left to far Right, joined
to denounce Mearsheimer and Walt's essay and subsequent book, most resorting
to either ad hominem attacks ('anti-Semites') or illogical and convoluted
arguments ignoring the empirical data.

Propaganda of the deed is a favorite power tool of the ZPC. This involves
publicizing the successful punishment of critics of Israel and the ZPC in
order to intimidate current or future policymakers. An example is how
Ziono-fascist Professor Alan Dershowitz of the Harvard Law School
successfully campaigned, with backing from the ZPC, ousted Professor Norman
Finkelstein from his university post, thus serving as 'exemplary punishment'
to any future academic critics of Israel. Dershowitz campaign went so far as
to slander Professor Finkelstein's deceased mother, a survivor of the Nazi
death camps, as a Jewish 'kapo' or Nazi collaborator.

The ZPC has multiple resources that are mutually re-enforcing in both the
private, and public spheres. Large-scale, long-term party and electoral
financing buy Congressional influence. This in turn increases the power of
the large minority of Zionist Congressmen in gaining control over party
nominations and committee assignments in Congress. This in turn feeds back
into greater influence for the ZPC in shaping US-Middle East foreign policy
and facilitating access of pro-Israeli writers to the Op-Ed pages of the
major dailies, weeklies and other branches of the corporate media.

Zionist power is also the result of a long-standing, pervasive and totally
one-sided propaganda campaign that demonizes Israel's Arab, especially
Palestinian critics, and paints Israel (the world's fourth largest and
Middle East's only nuclear power) as a democratic fortress, surrounded by
hostile authoritarian governments. Through its access and partial control
over most of the major media, the Zionist Power Configuration provides
heavily biased reports on events such as the Israeli terror bombings of
populations centers in Lebanon, Gaza and elsewhere. Reputational power
projected by the ZPC in the US counteracts reality in the Middle East to the
extent that Palestinian victims of all ages and genders, suffering 40 years
of Israeli military rule, land expropriation and constant violent assaults
are made into aggressors and the Israeli executioners are portrayed as
virtuous, peaceful victims.

Israel Lobby or 'Zionist Power Configuration'?
Mearsheimer and Walt describe the pro-Israel power configuration as a
'lobby, just like any other US lobby', a 'loose collection of individuals
and groups' outside of government, acting on behalf of Israel. Nothing could
be further from the truth. The power of Israel in the United States is
manifested through a multiplicity of highly organized, well-financed and
centrally directed structures throughout the United States. The ZPC include
several score political action committees with innocuous names, at least a
dozen propaganda mills ('think tanks') employing scores of former highly
connected top policymakers mostly in Washington and the East Coast, and the
52 major American Jewish Organizations grouped under the umbrella listing
'Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations' (CPMAJO).
AIPAC and other national organizations (ADL, AJC etc ) are important
influences at the national Executive-Congressional lobbying levels. But
equally or even more important in censoring and purging critics, controlling
local media and shaping opinion throughout cities, towns and villages are
the local Jewish community federations and organizations which browbeat
local cultural programmers, editors, bookstores, universities, churches and
civic groups to deny public platforms to speakers, writers, artists,
religious spokespeople and other public figures critical of Israel and its
Zionist disciples.

The power base of the ZPC is found in the local activist doctors, dentists,
lawyers, real estate brokers and landlords who preside over the local
confederations and their several hundred thousand affiliates. It is they who
harass, badger, browbeat, raise money and organize propaganda junkets for
elected officials and ensure their support for Israeli wars and increases in
the US multi-billion dollar aid packages to Israel. The local Zionist power
structure organizes successful campaigns forcing state pension funds to
purchase billions of dollars in underperforming Israel state bonds and to
disinvest in companies engaged in economic transactions with Israel's
self-described 'state terrorists adversaries'. It is the Jewish based
pro-Israel student organizations which spy on US professors, who may or may
not be critical of Israel and smear them in local and national newsletters
and pressure administrations to fire them. Even where less than 1% of the
local population is Jewish, Zionist zealots are able to pressure small
private Christian colleges to ban a Nobel Peace Prize winning theologian,
like Bishop Desmond Tutu, from speaking on their campus. The Zionist octopus
has extended its tentacles far beyond the traditional centers of big city
power and national politics, reaching into remote towns and cultural
spheres. Not even the American small town obituary pages are exempt: When a
Connecticut newspaper published a memorial of a prominent Palestinian
grandmother and community leader from Hebron (May 2003) the 61 year old
Shadeen abu Hijleh, who was shot in her home by Israelis soldiers, members
of the local Jewish confederation expressed outrage at the exposure of
Israeli military crimes - thus censoring a moving obituary page tribute
written by her American friends and relatives.

Centralized structures - coordinated policy, targets, quotas, fund raising,
large-scale special campaigns, black lists ('anti-Semites' and 'self-hating
Jews'), and networks all are integral parts of the ZPC. Mearsheimer and Walt
have failed to analyze the organizational relations between the head office,
regional staff and local organizations of the major pro-Israel Jewish
organizations and how quickly they can be mobilized to stigmatize, censor or
support a given speaker, activity or fund raiser in favor of Israeli

Throughout the country the newsletters of local Jewish Community Relations
Councils have parroted the line or reprinted libelous canards of their
national offices denouncing Mearsheimer and Walt's book The Israel Lobby -
and from their rather ill-informed caricatures of M and W's discussion it is
clear they have barely even read the book's cover.

One thing is clear from the largely emotional ejaculations from the
predominantly Jewish intellectuals' attacks against the book, the
intellectual level of contemporary Jewish intellectuals has seriously
deteriorated to the point that envy, communal spite and partisan vitriol has
gotten the better of a reasoned review of data and logic. The literary
efforts by Abraham Foxman of the ADL to answer M and H are reminiscent of
the Stalinist diatribes featured during the Moscow show trials of the 1930's
(our Jewish version of Andrei Vishinsky). What accounts for the influence of
these intellectual mediocrities is neither the evil vapors emanating from
their venomous writing, nor their appeal to reason - though some pretense to
reasoned debate is made by Zionist progressives - if such exist - but the
fact that their repetitious message circulate throughout their mass media
outlets uncontested.

The ZPC, having organized the war through falsified data, via the top two
officials in the Pentagon (Wolfowitz and Douglas Feith), the Vice Presidents
office (Wurmser and Irving Scooter Libby) and the National Security Council
(Elliot Abrams) organized the President's office (Ari Fleischer) and written
Bush's pre-emptive war speech (David Frum) are now fearful they will face
the anger of the American people who have suffered the loss of thousands of
soldiers - to an extent not experienced by the authors and implementers of
this war for Israel. To avoid identification with this disastrous war,
Zionist Power Configuration War planners and propagandists have resorted to
lies (denial of the crucial role of Israel in bringing the US to war) and
the somewhat more clever operators like Alan Greenspan have joined the
mindless American left to drag out the old canard of 'War for Oil'.

War For Oil or War For Israel: The Public Record
Zionist Power Configuration support for the Iraq War was an open,
relentless, propaganda campaign by well-known writers, publicists, and
community leaders as well as by the 52 leading Jewish organizations. There
was 'no conspiracy' or 'cabal' - the Zionist campaign was brazenly public,
aggressive and reiterative.

A systematic review of the major propaganda organ of the Presidents of the
Major American Jewish Organization's newsletter, Daily Alert, from 2002 to
September 2007 - 1,760 issues - provides us with a scientific sample of ZPC
opinion. On average, each issue contained 5 articles in favor of the war or
moves toward war with Iraq and/or Iran. The Daily Alert featured op-ed
articles by the major liberal, conservative and Zion-fascist writers and
academics that regularly appeared in the Washington Post, Wall Street
Journal, the New York Sun, and the New York and Los Angeles Times, the Daily
Telegraph and Times of London, YNet and others. In other words, in the
crucial pre-war to post-invasion period, the leading pro-Israel Jewish
organizations produced approximately 8,800 pieces of pro-Iraq war propaganda
and circulated it to all its member organizations, every Congressman, every
leading member of the executive branch with follow-ups by local activists
and an army of Washington lobbyists (150 from AIPAC alone) plus several
hundred full-time activists from local and regional offices.

In a comparable survey of the leading Anglo-American business and financial
newspaper, the Financial Times between 2002 and September 2007, regarding
Big Oil's policy toward war with Iraq and now Iran is just as revealing. I
reviewed the opinion, editorial and letter pages of 1,872 issues of the
Financial Times and there is not a single article or letter by any
spokesperson or representative of a major (or minor) oil company calling for
the invasion and occupation of Iraq or the bombing of Iran. There was no oil
lobby or grass roots organization demanding Congress or the Bush
Administration to go to war in defense of US oil interests. But the ZPC was
active, promoting the lie that disarmed and embargoed Iraq represented an
'existential threat' to the nuclear armed Israel.
A similar comparison of Zionist and Big Oil regarding propaganda for a US
military confrontation with Iran reinforces the argument of the centrality
of the major Jewish organizations in promoting United States involvement in
Middle East wars for Israel. Between 2004 and September 2007 (three years
and nine months) the Zionist propaganda sheet, the Daily Alert, published
960 issues in which an average of 6 articles argued for an immediate or near
future US or Israeli preemptive military attack on Iran, tougher economic
sanctions than the Security Council was willing to support, organized
disinvestment and boycotts of Iran. A survey of the Financial Times during
the same period, 1,053 issues, (the FT prints six times a week, the Daily
Alert five times), fails to produce a single letter or op-ed article by any
representative or spokesperson of Big Oil supporting war against Iran. On
the contrary, as was the case with Iraq, major oil leaders expressed anxiety
and fear that an Israeli instigated war would destabilize the entire area
and lead to the destruction of vital oil installations, undermine transport
routes and shipping lanes and cancel lucrative service contracts. Contrary
to the latest Zionist propaganda, Big Oil wants the US to lift its sanctions
against investment in Iran, since it has lost lucrative deals to

In complete contradiction to the 'leftist' Trotskyist-Zionist finger
pointing at Big Oil as the main push for war, big Texas oil was working
profitably with Saddam Hussein's Iraq, signing hundreds of millions of
dollars in illegal contracts with the now executed ruler. Oscar Wyatt, a
Texas oil billionaire, recently convicted for paying bribes to Saddam
Hussein, was one of many big oil dealers involved in the lucrative pre-war
oil trade with Iraq (Financial Times, Oct. 2, 2007, p.2).

Zionist Warmongering: Fear and Venom
As the pressure from Israel for a US-backed military attack on Iran mounts,
and as top US military officials and the general public grow increasingly
hostile to Zionist arm-twisting and gross manipulation of policy makers, the
ZPC turns aggressively authoritarian in its effort to silence opposition
which exposes its role as a disloyal actor for a foreign power. In the past,
agents for a foreign power, once detected, usually received severe sanction
or worse. Today, numerous Zionist insiders know they are playing an
increasingly risky game as the perceived costs of a new war with Iran rise
and their Israeli 'handlers' press them to promote an attack Iran at the top
of their agenda.

Ultimately, the Zionist Power Configuration, despite their wealth and
current dominance over US Middle East policy, know that they represent less
than 1% of the population; they are an elite without a mass base. They have
power only as long as the other 99% of the population is inactive,
manipulated or intimidated to serve Israel's interests. But as the growing
flow of books, articles and speeches begin to call attention to the
Israeli-directed ZPC and their destructive war-mongering activities, their
self-promoted images of their members as brilliant professionals, successful
leaders in the world of business and finance and compassionate politicians
serving the best interests of the USA, begins to erode. The ugly side of
their servile loyalty to Israel, an arrogant, racist colonial power
provoking wars via the US to establish itself as an unchallenged regional
power has entered into the American public debate.

The ZPC is at or near the peak of its political power - in Congress, the
Executive, the Office of Homeland Security and prospective Attorney General,
in 'culture' and the mass media propaganda. But paradoxically, as the ZPC
peaks, it also exposes more of itself - much more than it wants to be seen
by the American public.

Even the brash and impudent Zionist polemicists who hole up in the
prestigious universities and 'think tank-propaganda mills' are beginning to
feel public anxiety, even perhaps private worries. As they do so, they back
track, trying to cover their fingerprints on all the war plans and
propaganda leading to the now-massively unpopular invasion of Iraq. They
resort to outright lies in the form of denials or complicity or
'warmongering'. Outrageous denials abound! For the more aggressive die-hard
Zion-Cons, exposure of the disloyal role of the ZPC and their complicity
evokes savage rejoinders, academic screeds in the gutter language of ad
hominem abuse which reflects poorly on their vaunted academic positions. The
ZPC, its scribes, operatives and power brokers are vulnerable - they have
committed great crimes against the interests of the American people. Their
actions have led to the death and maiming of tens of thousands of US
soldiers, 99.9% of whom have no 'loyalties' to the interest of greater
Israel or its US agents who have their own children pursuing lucrative
civilian careers. Recent estimates found less than 0.2% of US soldiers
serving on the ground in Iraq are American Jews, some of whom were Jewish
immigrants from the former Soviet Union. This despite the strong Zionist
pressure to invade and destroy Iraq and Iran. The manipulations of the ZPC
in pushing the Bush Administration into invading and occupying Iraq has led
the US military into an unprecedented state of disgrace and demoralization,
with thousands of officers tendering their early retirement, thousands of
troops going AWOL and facing court-martial, and an increasing number of
retired senior officers expressing outrage. It is no surprise that Secretary
of Defense Robert Gates secured the support of top military officers in the
Middle East in opposing an immediate invasion of Iran.

Zionist vituperation against their critics expresses fears of exposure and
unmasking of their double discourse, their false amalgamation of Israeli
colonial policies with the democratic values of the American people. Nothing
else can explain the shrill verbal personal assaults - aimed at killing the
messenger rather than facing unpleasant realities and working to rectify a
disastrous situation. While the state of Israel has placed its American
promoters in an uncomfortable position as the occupation of Iraq crumbles
and Americans resist shrill calls for attacking Iran, nevertheless Israel
has turned out to be the real winner, in the short term, having achieved the
destruction of the unified, secular republic of Iraq.

From a Scratch to Gangrene: The Transition from Zionism to Zion-Fascism
The 'mainstream' Zionist conservatives early on demonstrated their
authoritarian politics through their whole-hearted and un-problematical
support for Israel's brutal campaigns driving hundreds of thousands of
Palestinians from their homes and lands. Subsequently, the Zion-Cons fully
and un-questioningly endorsed the killing and jailing of thousands of
Palestinian civilians protesting the Israeli military occupation and
conversion of the occupied West Bank and Gaza into 'open air' concentration
camps, with over 500 military outposts and roads blocks. More recently the
entire leadership of the major Jewish organizations, comprising both
Zion-Cons and Zion-Libs, defended Israel's building of a massive 30 meter
wall, effectively corralling the entire Palestinian population in ghettos
resembling the walls constructed around the huge Jewish population in Warsaw
by the Nazis. The wall and the military outposts strangle trade, movement of
food and people from the occupied territories to markets, schools and
hospitals and prevent farmers from even tilling their lands.

On October 10, 2007 the Jerusalem Post quoted Aron Soffer, head of research
and lecturer at the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) National Defense College.
The 71-year old father of 4 and grandfather of 8 had said on May 21, 2004:
"When 2.5 million people live in a closed off Gaza, it's going to be a human
catastrophe. Those people will become even bigger animals than they are
today, with the aid of an insane fundamentalist Islam. The pressure at the
border will be awful. It's going to be a terrible war. So if we want to
remain alive, we will have to kill and kill and kill. All day . . . every
This is the literal message of murder taught to Israeli officers at their
most advanced military school by eminent Zion-Fascist lecturers. This helps
us understand the naked brutality and homicidal behavior of Israeli soldiers
in the occupied territories.

A recent Israeli study by two prominent psychologists illustrates the deep
strain of sadism and racism inculcated by Israel's military academies and
backed by Israel's top politicians, including the Prime Minister's Office.
According to Haaretz on September 21, 2007, two Israeli psychologists
interviewed 21 Israeli soldiers, who expressed "their innermost emotions
about the horrendous crimes, in which they took part: murder, breaking the
bones of Palestinian children, acts of humiliation, destruction of property,
robbery and theft." One of the Israeli psychologists was "shocked to find
that the soldiers enjoyed the 'intoxication of power' and had pleasure from
using violence." She said, "Most of my interviewees enjoyed their own
instigated violence during the occupation." (Haaretz, September 21, 2007)
Absolute colonial domination brings out the psychopathic tendencies in an
occupation army. Soldier C testified, "If I didn't enter Rafah (Palestinian
City in Gaza) to put down some rebellion - at least once a week I'd go
beserk." Like previous colonial occupiers, the Israeli soldiers adopt a
totalitarian 'super-race complex'. Soldier D testified, "What is great is
that you don't follow any law or rule. You feel that YOU ARE THE LAW. Once
you go into the Occupied Territory YOU ARE GOD!." The soldiers'
internalization of the powerful Zion-fascist ideology provides a
self-justification in the eyes of the interviewees for castrating a man,
bashing in the face of a woman protester, shooting an innocuous pedestrian,
breaking the arm of a four-year old child and other 'gratuitous' acts of
random violence.

The Presidents of the Major American Jewish Organizations never ever
mention, let along criticize, the daily psychopathic behavior of the IDF.
Major Jewish billionaire philanthropists contribute hundreds of millions in
support of the IDF's violent occupation and repression of Palestinian
civilians, described with cruel pleasure by the soldier-subjects of the
Israeli study. In fact, the biggest Zionist contributor to the Democratic
Party, Haim Saban ($12.3 million dollars in 2002), has a 'soft spot for
Israeli combat soldiers.' According to Haaretz (September 12, 2006), Saban
declared, "I can't handle combat soldiers, whenever I have any interaction
with them . . . I cry." There is a powerful emotional bond that links
Israeli Zion-fascism to its US counterparts. Saban arrogantly points to the
primacy of his loyalty to Israel, "I strut around like a peacock in America
and say I am an Israeli-American. What you hear. an Israeli-American."
(Haaretz, October 14, 2007). The formerly respectable Brooking's Institute
now houses the 'Saban Center', financed by Haim Saban, turning Brookings
into just another of a dozen propaganda mills churning out apologetics for
the totalitarian practices of the IDF - their leading research directors and
their Prime Minister. The deadly 'sentimentality' of the Israeli-American
billionaires toward the psychopaths in the IDF does not extend to the young
Americans serving Israel's interests as US soldiers in Iraq and who are
suffering the burdens of a war to extend Israel's regional power. Saban,
like the great majority of the top leaders of the most influential Zionist
organization are pushing for another war - this time with Iran. According to
Saban, "I would try other things first, but if they don't work, then
attack.In Iran you go in and wipe out their infrastructure completely.
Plunge them into darkness. Cut off their water." (Haaretz, October 14,
2007). These are not the homicidal ranting of a fanatical Jewish settler
beating a pre-adolescent Palestinian shepherd. Saban is a major leader in
AIPAC, family friend and political broker of the Clintons and the entire
current Israeli leadership. His $2.8 billion dollars buys the fawning
attention of all major US presidential "candidates courting Jewish support"
(MSNBC, October 14, 2007).

The Zionist Power Configuration has buried 3 top level political initiatives
designed to reach a settlement of the Israeli colonial occupation of
Palestine. A statement to President Bush and Secretary of State Rice sent by
former top political officials of both political parties, including
Brzezinski, Lee Hamilton, Brent Scowcroft and others calling for Israel to
abide by UN Security Council Resolution 242 and 338 and other initiatives,
was totally dismissed by the Democratic Congress and the Republican White
House, after the ZPC intervened and labeled Brzezinski as 'hostile to Israel'
- following the Israeli state's complete dismissal of the statement. Tony
Blair's efforts as head of the 'Quartet Peace-Making Mission' has been a
total failure in resolving even the humanitarian plight of the Palestinians,
in the face of Israeli intransigence and rejection of any but the most banal
conversations with the now subdued (formerly so frenetic) ex-British Prime
Minister (Guardian, October 13, 2007). Secretary Rice's efforts to organize
a Middle East peace conference for late November in Annapolis, Maryland were
diluted to the point of pointlessness by Israeli pronouncements. Israel
rejects any substantive agreements on borders, timetables, Jerusalem,
settlements, territory etc. They insist the conference focus on meaningless
general agreements that commit them to nothing. In action designed to
further humiliate US Secretary of State Rice, the Israeli government
illegally seized several hundred acres of Palestinian lands - a clear
example of extending the settlements (Aljazeera, October 14, 2007). While
trying to appear stylish in a dunce cap, Secretary Rice responded that the
new Israeli confiscation of Palestinian land might 'erode confidence in the
parties' commitment to a two state solution' (BBC, October 14, 2007).

Recognizing that the ZPC has completely tied up her negotiation position,
that she cannot demand anything substantive from Israel, Secretary Rice has
signaled the futility of the Annapolis meeting by calling for 'lower
expectations', that is no agreements of substance. There is good reason to
believe that Israel and its Fifth Column have effectively scuttled Bush's
own Annapolis initiative. Even US clients like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan
and even the Palestinian puppet Abbas have expressed doubts since there are
no substantive agreements on state boundaries, anathema to Israel and the
ZPC. Whether the conference is 'postponed' or actually takes place, the
event promises to be another inconsequential gesture, another US Middle East
defeat, another victory for Israel's colonial status quo and another reason
for increased Arab resistance in the Middle East.

What is more ominous, Israel and the ZPC will find that their successful
sabotage of the White House Annapolis Peace Conference is likely to
encourage them to press ahead with further violent seizures in the Occupied
Territories, new more deadly incursions in Lebanon and Syria and heightened
pressure for war with Iran. Zion-fascism feeds into the sense of
irresistible power over US Middle East policy against any major US
institutional force, which fails to follow the Israeli line.

Along with the right-wing radicalization of Zion-Con ideology with regard to
Israel's push toward totalitarian solutions, came overt manifestations of
racist anti-Islamic, anti-Arab and anti-Persian practices and speeches from
leading Zion-Con spokespeople and especially academic propagandists in the
United States.
War propaganda and military solutions dominate Zion-Con rhetoric: first
against Palestine, then Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Somalia and
Sudan. Accompanying the radicalization of Zion-con rhetoric is a growing
number of repressive acts within US society.

The ZPC and Holocaust Denial: At the Service of Israel
Leading Zionist Democrats following Israeli directives played a major role
in undermining a Congressional resolution condemning as genocide the Turkish
murder of 1.5 million Armenians. For many years the state of Israel and its
academic specialists both in Israel as well as in the US have denied
Turkish-led Genocide against the Armenians in their ancient homeland between
1915-1917 despite the voluminous documentary record complied by scholars
throughout the world. One reason is that the Jewish Holocaust industry
insists on the exclusive franchise on 20th century genocide, in order to
push its fundraising and propaganda efforts. An even more important
contemporary reason for Israeli and US Zionist holocaust denial is the close
military collaboration between Israel and Turkey and more recently the heavy
presence of Israeli military advisers and secret police (Mossad) operations
in Kurdish-controlled Northern Iraq, dubbed Kurdistan.

Former member of the Israeli armed services, 'US' Congressman Rahm Emanuel,
Chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, opposed the resolution from the
start and convinced a group of senior House Democrats to demand the
Democratic Congressional leadership drop plans for a vote on the measure.
Deeply implicated with the interests of Israel, Emanuel has both feet in the
terrain of an Israeli-defined Middle East reality. Congressman Emanuel
cynically rationalized his service for the state of Israel in a convoluted
statement: "This vote (on the Armenian genocide) came face to face with the
reality on the ground in that region of the world." (NY Times, October 16,
2007) The Israeli fifth column in the US Congress has extended the scope of
its control beyond narrow focus on the contemporary Middle East and Israel's
quest for regional dominance to encompass historical issues involving
non-Arab, non-Muslim people who indirectly affect Israeli strategic
interests. Israeli strategists see the Congressional resolution on the
Armenian genocide as provoking Turkish hostility to the US, increasing the
likelihood of an invasion against the US and Israeli-backed 'Kurdistan' in
Northern Iraq. Israeli officials have been training and arming Kurdish
commandos to engage in terrorist activities in Iran and elsewhere on the
Turkish, Iranian and Syrian border. A Turkish land invasion and aerial
attack would, at a minimum, destroy or disarticulate these terrorist bases
and more likely lead to a generalized Kurdish mobilization in defense of the
Kurdish irregulars. The Kurds are loyal clients and their Peshmerga militias
play an integral role in ethnic cleansing of non-Kurds in Northern Iraq and
savage repression in Central Iraq as US-led mercenary forces against the
Iraq Arab resistance. A Turkish invasion is likely to result in the transfer
of the Kurdish military toward their Turkish frontier, undermining US
control in Iraq and weakening their assaults on Iran. The Israelis will have
to choose between its alliance with Turkey, its only consequential ally in
the Middle East, by withdrawing its operative and arms sales from 'Kurdish'
Northern Iraq or its support for Kurdish separatists.
The entire ZPC was on maximum alert to block or defeat the Armenian
resolution in the US Congress in order to show the Turkish Prime Minister
Erdogan that Israel is using its power over the US Congress on Turkey's
behalf. In this conflict between, on the one hand, millions of Americans who
abhor genocide - wherever it occurs and whoever is victimized - and the
influential Armenian lobby, and, on the other hand, a few dozen highly
placed 'Israel First' Congress members and their billionaire Zionist
political contributors, the latter won out. Even on an issue as palpable as
genocide, the ZPC has no fear or shame in opposing a symbolic resolution
recognizing a world-historic crime.

The Zionist Congressional victory on the Armenian resolution illustrates in
the most graphic manner the way Israeli interests degrades our institutions
and values. The fact that many Congress-members, including the majority of
Democrats, were initially convinced of the justice of passing the
resolution, and later under the pressure of the Zionist Congressional
leadership, withdrew their support, is indicative of just how far Congress
has degenerated into a Zionist colonized institution. Not only does Congress
ignore its electorate, the values of the people who elected them, but also
they surrender their own values and conscience, for what Seymour Hersh aptly
refers to as 'New York Jewish money.'

The Israeli effort to head off a Turkish attack on their Kurdish clients is
closely related to their efforts to undermine Iranian defenses and gain
intelligence via terrorist 'commando operations' by Kurdish irregulars.

The centerpiece of activity for all the major national, state and local
pro-Israeli Jewish organizations is to isolate and destroy Iran, by economic
sanctions and a massive military attack by the US. There is absolutely no
consideration of the millions of Iranians who would be killed, injured or
made homeless by a US or Israeli effort to 'wipe Iran off the map.'

The major recipient of 'New York (and Los Angeles, Miami and Chicago) Jewish
money' is Hillary Clinton, the most hawkish Democratic war monger in the
2008 president race - in fact the most hawkish Democratic candidate since
the Vietnam era. Clinton, in a recent article in Foreign Affairs, has all
but written the date and weapons with which the US will strike Iran. She
argues that 'Iran poses a long-term strategic challenge to America and its
allies and that it must not be permitted to build or acquire nuclear
weapons." If Iran does not comply, all options must remain on the table.
(Guardian, October 15, 2007).
Israel keeps a box score on how servile US presidential candidates are to
Israeli state interests and obedient to the dictates of the Israel lobby.
Clinton, by far, is the Zionist choice among Democratic presidential
candidates. They have forgiven her for kissing Suha Arafat over a decade
ago, because she has kissed both cheeks of each and all male and female
Zionist lobbyists and Israeli officials in Washington and applauded the
repression of Palestinians. Clinton aroused the passion and pleasure of the
pro-Israel Presidents of the Major American Jewish Organization by being the
only Democratic presidential candidate to support the Senate resolution
calling on the US government to declare the Iranian government's
'Revolutionary Guards', an elite division of Teheran's military, to be a
'terrorist entity', thus providing the Bush administration with a
justification for a massive pre-emptive attack against Iran and its
Both in terms of financing war resolutions and sanctions campaigns against
Iran, in terms of lobby authored legislation and Congressional speeches, of
hours campaigning for an attack on Iran, of op-ed columns published and
media pundits comments, the Zionist Power Configuration exceeds by a
multiple of ten any other group in pushing for a war with Iran. Not only
does the Zionist monopolize the 'attack Iran' propaganda, but they are
leading all other authoritarian groups in silencing US critics of this
aggressive military option.

Let us be perfectly clear that the ZPC, the Presidents of the Major American
Jewish Organizations, the Rahm Emanuels (Israeli-Americans) controlling the
Democratic caucus agenda.do not always and everywhere speak for the majority
of American Jews, especially on the denial of the Turkish genocide of the
Armenians. Pugnacious ADL President Abraham Foxman found out in Watham,
Massachusetts that both the local Armenian-American community and their
Jewish-American compatriots and neighbors do not tolerate the denial of
genocide - even by the ADL. Substantial sectors of American Jews object to
Clinton's war mongering and find her servile truckling to Israeli officials
offensive, even obscene. Zionist polls reveal the majority of educated young
American Jews are less and less interested in Israel and its local Fifth
Column - much to the chagrin of the self-styled 'leaders' of the community.
Saying that a Jewish minority speaks in the name of an unwilling majority,
however, does not lessen its power and stranglehold over US political
institutions and public opinion with regard to policy or appropriations
touching on the Middle East or Israeli-defined interests.

"Jew-haters' became the agitation slogan animating the Zion-con purge of
public forums and a call for mass direct action by hundreds of local Jewish
notables and 'community' councils. Even Presbyterian elders were browbeaten
by Jewish Zionists because of their tepid stand divesting from US companies
involved in oppressing Palestinians.

There is no transcendent event, which defines the moment in which
Zion-conservation became Zion-Fascism. The transition was an evolutionary
process, during which racism, militarism and authoritarianism developed a
mass community base and took hold over time and became the definitive modus
operandi of the ZPC.

Like earlier fascist movements, Zion-fascism subscribes to racialist
doctrines of knowledge: According to Zionist epistemology only Jews can (if
they dare) criticize Jews as knowledge of Jewry is monopolized by a closed
communally defined people. This Zion-fascist theory of knowledge is
buttressed by the frequent utterances of progressive or leftist Zionists who
frequently dismiss or warn non-Jewish writers that they enter the 'Jewish'
debate at their peril.
Zion-fascism is not merely an ideological expression of a marginal group of
unbalanced extremists - its ideology and practice, in full or part, has been
taken over by mainstream Jewish organizations.

Zionist Authoritarianism on the March
Grassroots Zionist-led authoritarianism, practicing coercion, repression and
financial blackmail in defense of Israel and the ZPC is occurring in every
region of the country, in every sphere of social, cultural and academic life
at an accelerating pace. Below we cite a small sample of cases which have
gotten national and even international attention and which illustrate a far
more extensive pattern. We lack a comprehensive data bank to cover the
hundreds of incidents of Zionist intimidation and thought control which
occur on a weekly basis and go unreported by their victims for fear of
retaliation or because they would not receive sympathetic public attention
given the media bias. In informal interviews, writers and journalists have
reported to me 'visits' by local Jewish 'notables' and members of the Jewish
Community Councils to local newspaper editors to demand the firing of
columnists who dared to criticize, for example, Israel's horrific invasion
of Lebanon. After one such 'visit' and 'talk', a local columnist never
ventured to criticize or even write about the Middle East. This is not a
matter confined to the United States. In 2004, after I wrote an article for
the Mexico City daily La Jornada critical of Israel's savage repression of
Palestinians in Jena and the US Zionist apology for mass killings, the
Israeli Ambassador in Mexico visited the editors to demand they discontinue
publishing my articles. The editor refused to accede at that time, but
immediately afterwards they published several vicious personal attacks by
their regular columnists (one a Trotskyist and the other a Jewish dentist)
labeling my critiques as 'Nazi' propaganda in line with the 'Protocols of
Zion'. This was in a reputed independent progressive daily newspaper.

'Private visits', abusive phone calls by Zionist zealots, including death
threats are not uncommon practices among 'respectable' Zion-fascists. One
incident involved a local doctor who received a 'visit' to her office by a
fanatical Zionist 'colleague' complaining of her letter to the local
newspaper criticizing the role of the Zionists in financing the electoral
defeat of Georgia Congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney because of her criticism
of Israeli policy. She was 'warned' that it was anti-Semitic to criticize
the activities of organized Jewry in destroying politicians, especially
black politicians, for their support of Palestinian civil rights. African
Americans, she was told, were increasingly ungrateful to American Jews, who
had lead and financed the civil rights struggle, and therefore had to be
taught a history lesson. A local 'group' of notables had chosen her
Harvard-educated Zionist colleague to deliver this message. When he declared
himself 'a Jew and a Zionist', she countered that she was 'an anti-fascist
and an anti-Zionist' and pointed to the door but not before asking him how
an educated man of high professional standing could stomach such a degrading
task of trying to censor a colleague. These types of 'visits' from
'respectable' Zionists intimidate others with less standing and intestinal

When presented with the manuscript of my book, The Power of Israel in the
United States, many of my previous editors informed me that it would make a
great book. but. they didn't want to face the backlash, threats and
vituperation that they expected from the ZPC, Jewish academics, writers on
contract and publishers. Even the publisher and editor who finally agreed to
publish my MS expressed real fear of Zionist hostility - and eventually a
dozen or so Jewish academics cancelled book orders for their classes.

A sample of the most publicized cases of Zionist efforts to silence and
purge American society of critics of Israel and the Zionist Power
Configuration includes the case of over one thousand Zionist alumni of
Barnard College campaigning to deny tenure to Professor Nadia Abu el-Haj for
publishing Facts on the Ground, her ground-breaking critique on Israeli
archeologists efforts to erase centuries of continued Palestinian presence
in the Holy Lands (Chronicle of Higher Education, August 5, 2007).

More recently there was the public campaign to rescind Colombia University's
invitation to Iranian Prime Minister Mahmoud Ahmadinejad resulting in an
unprecedented insulting introductory address by the President of Colombia

Banning the successful British play, 'My Name is Rachel Corrie' based on the
writings of the murdered American activist from scheduled performances in
New York, Miami and Toronto caused consternation among theater goers and
actors on both sides of the Atlantic. The Israeli soldier who murdered the
young woman was exonerated in Israel while Rachel's words were banned from
the cultural capital of her own country.

Even more recently, the Chicago Council of Global Affairs bowed to pressure
from the Zionist lobby and cancelled a lecture by the respected professors
of political science, John Mearsheimer and Stephan Walt because of their
critical study The Israel Lobby.

The list goes on to include the cancellation of a concert by Marcel Khalife
in San Diego, California and the cancellation of an invitation to Nobel
Peace Prize winner, South African Bishop Desmond Tutu because of his
criticism of Israeli apartheid policies in the occupied territories.
There was a successful campaign to prevent author Susan Abulhawa from
presenting her gripping novel, The Scar of David, at a Barnes and Noble
Bookstore in Bayside, New York. This was followed by a cyberspace attack on
the author to undermine a scheduled speaking tour. This pro-Israel attack
was led by 14 rabbis and the President of the Queens Jewish Community

The University of Michigan Press was pressured to withdraw distribution of
Joel Kovel's Overcoming Zionism, violating a contract with his publisher,
Pluto Press. The University Press then threatened to stop distribution of
all books published by Pluto Press.

The recent Congressional Hearings of a blue ribbon committee, which finally
got around to investigating the Israeli military attack on the USS Liberty
(after 40 years of successfully preventing an official investigation through
the pressure of the Israel lobby) found Israel guilty of the deliberate
killing and maiming of over 100 US service personnel. Its explosive
findings, published in the Congressional Record, never appeared in the print
and broadcast media.

In violation of United Nations resolutions, Israel's military aggression
against Lebanon, Syria and Palestine, were rewarded by the US Congress with
an additional $30 billion dollars in military aid over the next 10 years,
making the US annual 'tribute to Israel' in excess of $6 Billion dollars a
year (NY Times, August 16, 2007). At a time of record US deficits and cuts
in domestic health programs for poor children and educational services, the
vote to give Israel an additional $30 billion dollars passed with virtually
no opposition or even discussion.

Australian journalist and documentary maker, John Pilger produced a searing
critique of Israel entitled Palestine is Still the Issue which has been
viewed all over the world. Its scheduled showing on the public educational
channel in San Francisco was blocked by a campaign led by the Jewish
Community Relations Council.

The bilingual Arabic-English public middle school in New York City named
after the Lebanese Christian poet, Kahil Gibran, was attacked by the ZPC (NY
Times, August 11, 2007) leading to the firing of its Arab American
Principal. Her 'crime' was accurately translating the Arabic word 'intifada'
into 'shaking off' instead of ranting against the Palestinian rights
movement in the Occupied Territories. The Zionist-controlled United
Federation of Teachers actively backed the blatant purge of one of its own
members for her thought crimes.

At San Francisco State College there was a campaign led by the executive
director of the Jewish Community Relations Council of San Francisco to ban a
mural depicting a famous Palestinian cartoon character, a little boy defiant
before Israeli occupiers. The subject in question was a child holding a key
in his hand, which, according to the local Jewish leadership represented a
'veiled reference to Palestinian right of return to Israel' (Jewish Forum,
August 10, 2007).
One of the most bitter and successful Zionist Purge campaigns was to deny
tenure to highly respected scholar, Professor Norman Finkelstein of De Paul
University in Chicago. The purge, led by Harvard Law Professor Alan
Dershowitz, was a direct response to Finkelstein's numerous scholarly
studies critical of Israel and the exploitation of the Holocaust to further
the aims of the Zionist Power Configuration.

Despite the recommendations of three academic committees at Yale University,
Zionist millionaire philanthropists were able to block the appointment of
renowned Middle East specialist, Professor Juan Cole. The millionaires
threatened to withdraw contributions and several Zionist professors prepared
a scurrilous attack on Professor Cole (June 1, 2006).

A campaign was mounted to pressure several state pension funds to divest
funds from any company doing business with Iran and pushing the funds to
invest in Israel bonds. This has so far succeeded in Texas, Florida, New
York, and New Jersey. Several state governors were 'persuaded' while on
Zionist-paid junkets to Israel (see Houston Chronicle, July 18, 2007).
During one of these junkets, the now disgraced New Jersey Governor McGreevy
met an Israeli operative with whom he formed a homosexual relation and later
had him installed as 'Homeland Security' Chief for the State of New Jersey,
until the FBI intervened. McGreevy resigned from office after denouncing the
Israeli, Golan Cipal, for blackmail.

The Anti-Defamation League, pro-Israel transmission belt, forced the only
Muslim Congressman, Keith Ellison, to recant and humiliate himself for
daring to compare the tactics of the Bush Administration to the Nazis
(Jewish Telegraph Agency, July 20, 2007). As in the case of Congresswoman
McKinney, Zionist 'punishment' against African-American politicians is
particularly vehement.

The major Zionist organizations led by the American Jewish Committee
successfully mobilized the major US trade union bureaucrats to denounce the
United Kingdom's militant trade union's boycotts of Israel (Jerusalem Post,
July 22, 2007). The AFL-CIO unions are under the thumb of the ZPC and have
purchased over $5 billion dollars of their members pension funds in Israel
bonds which consistently under-perform market indexes, thus costing their 12
million members hundreds of millions of investment returns each year.

The dean of religion Barry Levin, a pro-Israel activist at McGill University
recently fired Professor Norman Cornelt after 15 years of teaching for his
support of Palestinian human rights (Montreal Gazette, June 2, 2007).

Every major newspaper published editorials and scurrilous book reviews
attacking former US President Jimmy Carter's critical study, Palestine:
Peace Not Apartheid. This was part of a high-priority propaganda campaign
coordinated by major Zionist organizations and prominently included
Professor Alan Dershowitz (Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, April

The prominent Jewish writer, Professor Tony Judt of New York University was
dis-invited from a scheduled talk at the Polish Consulate because of Zionist
opposition to his criticism of Israeli policy.

B'nai Brith of Vancouver, Canada attacked a Canadian web site called Peace,
Earth and Justice forcing the removal of 18 articles critical of Israel.
In early 2007 the ZPC intervened in the US Civil Rights Commission and
introduced a section equating anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism and slandered
dozens of academic Middle Eastern studies programs as centers of campus
'anti-Semitism'. The Middle East Studies Association of North America, the
major academic group, wrote a reasoned refutation on June 11, 2007.

Plans to construct a mosque for the Muslim community in Roxbury,
Massachusetts were attacked in a campaign by the 'David Project', a Zionist
front group affiliated with the Jewish Community Council of Greater Boston.

On the basis of secret testimony by Israeli intelligence agents and backed
by the ZPC 'terrorism' charges were made against 16 members of a US Islamic
charity. A Texas court convicted them of 'crimes' against Israel, even
though many of the accused were US citizens and had no access to challenge
their hooded accusers, Israeli secret agents operating in the US. The lead
defendant, Dr. Rafil Dhofer received a sentence of 22 years for an 'Israeli'
crime - although he was never convicted of any crime committed in the US.
The defendants and their attorneys were never allowed to question the secret
foreign 'witnesses'.

Campus Zion-fascist organizations run by their 'little fuehrer' David
Horowitz, routinely bait blacks, Latinos and Arab Americans by praising the
'benefits' of the African slave trade and defend the use of torture and
assassination by Israelis and their US counterparts in Iraq and Guantanamo.
In addition, they smear professors not sufficiently favorable to Zionism,
spy on instructors, disrupt classes, bring lawsuits for 'anti-Zionist' bias
against teachers, other students and college administrators throughout the

Despite the Zionist turn to fascist tactics and embrace of
authoritarian-coercive measures, the fact of the matter is they still only
have partial control over civil society and political power. Some of the
Zion-fascist power plays were, at least temporarily, defeated in specific
circumstances. The play, My Name is Rachel Corrie played to packed houses in
London, Seattle and other courageous cities even as it was banned in New
York, Toronto and Miami.

Norman Finkelstein was fired, but he got powerful support throughout the
academic world and was able to negotiate monetary compensation for De Paul
University's cowardly betrayal of one of its faculty. Above all, Professor
Finkelstein is fighting back.

The University of Michigan was forced to distribute Kovel's book even as
they threatened to cancel their contract with his publisher, Pluto Press.

The lesson is clear: the rise of Judeo-fascism (JF) represents a clear and
present danger to our democratic freedoms in the United States. They do not
come with black shirts and stiff-arm salutes. The public face is a
clean-shaved, necktied, pink-jowled attorney, real estate philanthropist or
Ivy League professor.

They work hard to send the family members of non-Zionists to fight wars in
the Middle East in the interest of Greater Israel. And they tells us to keep
quiet or face slander, ostracism in our communities, loss of jobs or worst.
And it is the exemplary punishment of the many small voices, which keeps the
number of vocal critics low.until recently. There is rising anger and
hostility in America against the ZPC, against its arrogant authoritarian
communal attacks on our democratic values. Sooner or later there will be a
major backlash - and it ill behooves those who, through vocation or
conviction, engaged in the firings, censoring and intimidation campaigns
against the American majority. The American people will not remember their
cries of 'anti-Semitism' they will recall their role in sending thousands of
American soldiers to their death in the Middle East in the interests of

Let us hope that those who seek justice will not use the same authoritarian
laws like the Patriot Act, nor the harsh interrogation techniques of
degradation (torture) and anti-Arab/Muslim practices promoted by the
Zionists in the Pentagon, Congress, Justice Department and Homeland
Security. Those who oppose Zionism need to abide solidly by higher moral
Fartass Jewad
2007-11-12 05:44:30 UTC
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...and Your Mouth and Ass are located in the same place
Aside from YOU being a goat fucker, what other hoofed animals you fuck?
My advice to you anyway, love yourself in spite of yourself.
2007-11-10 17:02:56 UTC

2007-11-10 05:55:22 UTC
Post by B'enjamin C'ramer
The Deadly Embrace
Zion-power and War: From Iraq to Iran
by James Petras / November 6th, 2007
Is there a link for this, Ben?
I copied it to my computer, for reading tomorrow.
I would like a link for it to send to people who I know love James
Petras' work.
(It makes fore a long e-mail, some people can not receive long e-mails
from their servers)

B'enjamin C'ramer
2007-11-10 06:15:29 UTC
Post by Mirelle
Post by B'enjamin C'ramer
The Deadly Embrace
Zion-power and War: From Iraq to Iran
by James Petras / November 6th, 2007
Is there a link for this, Ben?
I copied it to my computer, for reading tomorrow.
I would like a link for it to send to people who I know love James
Petras' work.
(It makes fore a long e-mail, some people can not receive long e-mails
from their servers)
I've whacked the entire article in as a post Mirelle. Qutie large.

I'll flick it off to your email account just in case it doesn't travel.

Post by Mirelle
2007-11-10 06:23:27 UTC
Post by B'enjamin C'ramer
I've whacked the entire article in as a post Mirelle. Qutie large.
Did you scan it from the book?
Post by B'enjamin C'ramer
I'll flick it off to your email account just in case it doesn't travel.
Thanks, Ben.
Post by B'enjamin C'ramer
Post by B'enjamin C'ramer
Post by Mirelle
Post by B'enjamin C'ramer
The Deadly Embrace
Zion-power and War: From Iraq to Iran
by James Petras / November 6th, 2007
Is there a link for this, Ben?
I copied it to my computer, for reading tomorrow.
I would like a link for it to send to people who I know love James
Petras' work.
(It makes fore a long e-mail, some people can not receive long e-mails
from their servers)
I've whacked the entire article in as a post Mirelle. Qutie large.
I'll flick it off to your email account just in case it doesn't travel.
Post by Mirelle
Colonel Sanders
2007-11-10 09:09:39 UTC
Pretty good article Ben. - It summarises the loonacy of US'es
most prominent power-grabbing faction.

The author has failed to see however that although Israeli right-
provide intelligence support to the lobby. - It has little influence
on the
decision-making of their Washington masters.

The argument that US militarism has been beneficial to Israel is not
It has more to do with usurping the power domestically.
B'enjamin C'ramer
2007-11-10 10:49:29 UTC
Post by Colonel Sanders
Pretty good article Ben. - It summarises the loonacy of US'es
most prominent power-grabbing faction.
The author has failed to see however that although Israeli right-
provide intelligence support to the lobby. - It has little influence
on the
decision-making of their Washington masters.
The argument that US militarism has been beneficial to Israel is not
It has more to do with usurping the power domestically.
Petras is a free-thinker who has miraculously escaped the wrath of the
jewish cabal so far.

One of his latest books "The Power of Israel in the United States" is a must
Colonel Sanders
2007-11-10 12:59:25 UTC
Post by B'enjamin C'ramer
Post by Colonel Sanders
Pretty good article Ben. - It summarises the loonacy of US'es
most prominent power-grabbing faction.
The author has failed to see however that although Israeli right-
provide intelligence support to the lobby. - It has little influence
on the
decision-making of their Washington masters.
The argument that US militarism has been beneficial to Israel is not
It has more to do with usurping the power domestically.
Petras is a free-thinker who has miraculously escaped the wrath of the
jewish cabal so far.
One of his latest books "The Power of Israel in the United States" is a must
They can't touch him because he seems of a Greek extraction.
It must be a good book to read.

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